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Your camera and gear explained by LearnToTake.Pictures, your resource for photography educational articles and videos. Learn what your camera does, where to find and make the setting choices you want and need to improve your photography skills.

Camera Settings

Read articles about your camera settings, where to find and how to change those settings, and what they do. Learn to take pictures that look the way you want them to look with less frustration and more successes.
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Lenses and Filters

Find articles that help you understand lenses and filters. What lens should you use for specific subjects, what filters can help you achieve your goals, and how to use them. Learn why lens choices are so important.
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Other Photography Gear

Cameras and lenses matter but what about all the other photography gear. What do you need to create the types of pictures you're trying to make? What accessories make sense to invest in and what absolutely do not?
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Camera Settings

The following articles and videos will help you choose camera settings to make the types of photos that you're trying to create no matter what type of photography you're doing.

Lenses And Filters

The following articles and videos will help you choose what lenses or filters to use for specific subjects. They'll also help you understand why lenses are so important, in many ways, much more important than your choice of camera.

Other Photography Gear

There is more to photography than cameras and lenses but understanding all of the other photography gear can feel overwhelming. Let us help you change that.

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