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Intermediate photography is for you when you've got the basics down, but still have questions. You can solve some problems when the photos don't look like you want but you're still not feeling completely confident.

These Intermediate photography articles and videos will help you grow and improve. You'll find answers to more advanced questions but won't feel overwhelmed by overly technical information.

Next Level Gear

You're ready to add to your camera bag but you're not sure what next level gear to invest in. Read articles and watch videos that will help you take your next steps in the most economical ways to move from beginner to intermediate.
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Composition, Art, & Emotion

Photography is storytelling and storytelling requires an understanding of composition, art, and emotion. Find articles and videos to help you hone your creative vision and voice. Learn to communicate through your photography.
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Building Community

Photography is meant to be shared and to share your photography requires community building. Find impactful information about joining or curating a photography community around you and your work online and off.
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Do you have a question that you can't find the answer to here? We'd love to know what you're struggling with or stuck on. Use the form below to send us any question about photography and we'll seek to answer your question as satisfactorily as possible. We'll also share your question and our answer on the website so that others with similar difficulties can more easily find the answer.

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Intermediate Photography Articles

While this website is still being populated with information to help you learn photography here are some articles from my other website, WDO Photography that are aimed at helping intermediate photographers learn more. You can find all of these articles and more under my free photography resource guide.

Macro Photography Without A Macro Lens learn to create amazing macro photos without a macro lens.

Prevent Ugly Purple Fringe in your photos or remove it after the fact.

Astrophotography Tips for beautiful photos of the night sky.


Latest Intermediate Photography Articles

Godox V860III Flash Unit: An Affordable, and Easy-to-Use Solution Discover the versatility, affordability, and practicality of the Godox V860III flash, a great first flash or addition to your kit.
Understanding Polarizing Filters: Enhancing Your Landscape Photography Learn when to use a polarizing filters and how they enhance your photography from your friends at LearnToTake.Pictures.
Walgreens: A Surprising Choice For Top Quality Prints As a pro I get asked where to get photos printed. After some research it turns out that Walgreens is a surprising choice for great prints.
Invest in a Better Lens or Upgrade Your Camera? Should you invest in a better lens or upgrade your camera? That’s a question that a lot of photographers struggle with.
Birds That Love Serviceberries and How To Photograph Them Learn about the birds that love serviceberries and how to photograph them from nature photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography.
How To Use Topaz AI To Improve Your Photographs Learn how to use Topaz AI to improve your photographs from LearnToTake.Pictures, your choice for free online photography education.
How To Choose The Best Macro Accessories Learn how to choose the best macro accessories for great macro photography from your friends at the Global Photography School.
Photography 101 and the LearnToTake.Pictures are a project of pro photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography.